In the heart of Minho, taste the true gastronomy and enology, without artifice.

Cabidela in Portugal is inseparable from the gastronomic tradition of Minho. The name “Pica no Chão” comes from the fact that the chickens are free range

and feed on what they pick up off the ground.

When we arrive Maria is already waiting for us with the table set.

The chicken has already been stewing for a few hours, as it needs time to soften.

Maria will then teach us how to turn a chicken rice into a treat of the gods, with just the right amount of vinegar and the blood of the chicken. For the more sensitive stomachs, there is always the possibility of skipping this step and sticking to normal rice.

The life stories Maria tells are as essential a spice for dinner as what she pours into the pot!

For dessert, we couldn’t miss creme bruleee (leite creme in portuguese) , rich, smooth, and thick, burnt on the spot with a utensil from our grandmothers’ time (there are no electric paddles here!).

The wines served are from the region, in partnership with Quinta do Soalheiro ( . Alvarinho wine is one of the most admirable Portuguese varieties, originating from the northwestern Peninsula. It gives body to unique and easily identifiable wines, with personality and strong temperament.

Historically, it was one of the first Portuguese varieties to be bottled and Quinta do Soalheiro was the first to do so.

Maria was born and has lived all her life in the beautiful region of Paredes de Coura, in the protected landscape of Corno de Bico.

She lives between her vegetable garden and her animals, which she takes care of with all her affection and care. But what she really likes is to prepare and share her culinary skills with those who visit her, with that open and friendly manner characteristic of all good Minho.

Start and end in Paredes de Coura or Vila Nova de Cerveira, depending on the house chosen, on the dates selected.

Minimum of eight people.

Includes: lunch with tasting of regional products and drinks from Quinta do Soalheiro. Meet your accommodation.

Personal accident insurance

If you need, you can  consult us  about transfer services.

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