In the northeast end of Portugal you can find some of the most genuine corners of our country. Preserved villages, millenary traditions, castles, protected natural areas, wildlife. Coupled with all this, an impressive culinary richness and a genuine, welcoming and hospitable people.

A unique experience: open-air dinner, with commented wine tasting, as the sun sets over the vineyards.

Experience with 2 days duration. Uses, customs, culture, daily tasks, agricultural works and the farm animals.

3 hours experience. The technique of bisalhães ceramics, unesco’s heritage, reinvented by the bisarro design collective. Worshop at potter’s atelier.

Experience with 2 days duration. The labour of the vineyard and the secrets of wine, with picnic in the vineyards and wine tasting in the farm house.

Experience with 2 days duration. The proper feijoada is cooked from one day to the other, in a slow open fire…