Tending the farm animals, harvesting and tasting the produce of the field

We will go shopping for our lunch at small local producers alheiras (typical sausage from Trás-os-Montes), fresh cow cheese, bread and wine.

Upon arrival in the small village of Freixiel We will enjoy the fruits of our shopping.

Depending on the time of year, we can go and pick fruit for dessert, help take care of cows or goats, harvest or pick olives …

We will surely take a walk around the hills surrounding the village, breathe the fresh air and listen to the silence.

As the afternoon falls, the fire is lit and we gather around, telling stories of now and then from the past.

The next day, after a nice breakfast, it’s time to return!


For Pedro Cordeiro de Melo the appeal of a simple life, in contact with Nature, the return to ancestral values and the concern for sustainability spoke volumes. 15 years ago he came from England with his wife, Jo Anne MacDougal and two children, Santiago and Pedro (who have now joined three others, Job, Eli and Salvador) to settle in Freixiel, which like all other Trás-os-Montes villages was aging and loosing inhabitants. It is with pride and affection that they show us their vineyards and olive groves, as well as the goat and cattle of native breeds, free ranged.

Start and end in Vila Flor, on selected dates.

Minimum of two people, in double room.

Includes: guide / interpreter, workshop, tasting of regional products and drinks, dinner and accommodation at Quinta do Palame. Know your accommodation.

Personal accident insurance.

If you need to, consult us about transfer services.

Recommendations: casual clothing and sports shoes; hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.